Horse vacuum grooming brushes

Gotta love
vacuum grooming!

Q: What's the definition of grooming?

A: Taking the dirt from your horse's coat and applying it to yourself!

It doesn't have to be that way! 

Introducing the Groom/n/vacPurple Hearts vacuum horse grooming tool.

For use with the ubiquitous "Henry" type vacuum cleaner, the unique Multibrush has 3 graded horse grooming brushes for deep down clean and coat shine and a blade for removing loose hair from rugs and numnahs.

The solution to coat change time, it eats loose hair for breakfast!

Breathes in the dirt so you don't have to!

Groom/n/vac Purple Hearts
Vacuum Grooming Multibrush

Fits "Henry" type
vacuum cleaners

Grooming with the Multibrush

Are you ready for the coat change?