Gotta love the MultiBrush


  1. single brush head with 4 interchangeable inserts

  2. graded grooming brushes for deep down grooming and shine:

  3. stiff body brush for dried mud, or for use as a dandy brush

  4. standard body brush

  5. soft polishing brush for the body & head - great for clipped-out or fine coats

  6. serrated blade tool for shifting stubborn hair from rugs & numnahs

  7. twist lock* brush head - turn the brush head 180 degrees to follow the contours of the horse’s body

  8. handy carry bag

  9. for use on the Backpack Groom/n/vac and other IPX4* rated vacuum cleaners

* lock function works with Backpack Groom/n/vac. Push fits onto nozzle up to 32mm. As grooming is done outside, vacuum cleaner must have IPX4 splash test rating.

£50 incl. p&p UK mainland


You gotta love the Purple Hearts MultiBrush. We think this must be the best vacuum grooming system on the market.

This comes with the Backpack Groom/n/vac but can be purchased separately.